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The Yowamushi Pedal Wiki Manual of Style dictates what should be kept consistent on pages throughout the wiki. There honestly aren't too many points to touch upon, but having these basic guidelines in place may help prevent confusion when it comes to editing.

When editing pages, it is advised to use the "classic" editor, or the "source" view, in order to prevent any unintended edits or modification of box codes.

Renaming pages should be discussed with an administrator beforehand.

Manual of Style

Inter High vs. Inter-High

These can be used interchangeably until official English publication of the manga settles on which to use.

Team Names

Team names, when used informally to describe plot events, the team as a group, and other details in article content on pages, should be written out as followed:

  • Sohoku High School Bicycle Club = Sohoku
  • Hakone Academy Private High School Bicycle Club = Hakone Academy
  • Kyoto Fushimi High School Bicycle Club = Kyoto Fushimi
  • Hiroshima Kureminami Technical High School Bicycle Club = Hiroshima, or Hiroshima Tech
  • Kumamoto Daiichi High School Bicycle Club = Kumamoto, or Kumamoto Daiichi

Do not shorten "Hakone Academy" to "Hakogaku", etc. Shorthand names should only be used in things such as codes, files, and navigation where space is limited.

Character Pages

Character pages are arguably the main feature of this and any wiki, and they are the most frequently edited pages. While drastic changes to these pages are not really expected, having these guidelines typed up will hopefully help editors know what to do.

Infobox The first feature on any character page is the character infobox. There are different infoboxes for Sohoku, Hakone Academy, Kyoto Fushimi, and Hiroshima, which should be used based on what school each character is affiliated with. Affiliation means whichever school that character has connections with, even if their actual school is unknown/they are not a student (example: the Sohoku character infobox is used for Sakamichi's Mother because her son goes to that school). All information contained in the infoboxes should be stated in canon (though hair/eye color may be up to interpretation). It's pretty easy to figure out what information to include and how just by browsing through the pages already on the wiki.

Name order on this wiki is in Japanese style, with the family name listed before the given name. Characters should be referred to by their family name on all pages (there are two unique exceptions: the younger Sugimoto and the younger Shinkai should be referred to by their first names to avoid confusion). Romanization should follow what is used by Watanabe in illustrations, chapters, or by the animation staff in illustrations or merchandise. The exception is the "Rōmaji" ("|roomaji") section of the character infobox, which should follow Hepburn romanization.

Image Ideally, character images in the infobox should be of greater length than width (270px by 462px), and be of good quality. As with all pictures on the wiki, these pictures should be .png files. If there are pictures available from both the manga and the anime, the infobox gallery markup should be used.
Appearance Give a general description of the character's appearance, highlighting recognizable features. Apart from physical characteristics, clothing may be mentioned as well.
Personality Summarize the character's personality.
Plot Describe the character's plot involvement. Any backstory should be contained here as well, under the subheading "history" or "childhood" depending on how far back the information goes. Plot details taking place prior to Year 1 (Onoda's first year as a high school student) should be in past-tense. All other plot details after this should be in present tense. Use subheadings for major events, especially those that have pages in the events category. Split participation in the Inter High with further subheadings for each day.
Skills and Techniques Any special skills or talents related to the character's cycling should be included in this section. Even if the character does not have a "special move," there should at least be some description of their cycling style.
Relationships The character's major relationships should be summarized here. Do not describe any relationships as romantic (this includes crushes) unless they are explicitly stated as such in canon. Do not simply focus on plot events in these sections; brief examples to exemplify their interaction may be referred to, but any plot details should go under the plot section instead.
Trivia Information in the trivia section must be canon. Most of the trivia already on the wiki is from the official guidebook, but other little tidbits about the character can be included here.*(see bottom of page)
Gallery Any official art of the characters can be added to their gallery. As with all images embedded in pages, they should be in .png format to preserve quality somewhat.
*When adding information (generally referred to as "trivia") from autograph sessions/other events, make sure you link said information to the Pedal Sign Trivia page.