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This wiki is dedicated to the manga/anime series Yowamushi Pedal. You can help improve the wiki by editing, contributing new articles or pictures, and adding more information to the stubs. We currently have 7,464 edits to 142 articles and 635 images on this wiki.

Warning: Some pages on this wiki contain spoilers for untranslated parts of the manga. However, spoilers will be hidden unless they are clicked on (this feature does not work with mobile browsing).
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Yowapeda: The Movie PV #2
8 28(金)公開『劇場版 弱虫ペダル』特報 第2弾00:31

8 28(金)公開『劇場版 弱虫ペダル』特報 第2弾

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Izumida Touichirou is a member of the Hakone Academy Bicycle Club. He takes pride in his role as a sprinter and the muscles he worked hard to develop. Izumida's birthday is on October 10th.

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