Connect Road is mobile app game that replaces Petit Racers, released 28/3/2017 on Google Play for Japanese users, and QooApp for international Android users.



You start off with a 3* Souhoku team with a 5* Onoda, then you go through the course by chaining up terrain type energy gems, while tapping energy bottles and Love Hime gems.

The colours for sprinters and all-rounders are swapped around, but Naruko is still considered a sprinter, and 3* Teshima is considered a climber, while there are more Aoyagi being considered as an all-rounder (when transferring from the old game). There is a 4th type called Hope (purple star), which are Time Trialists like Sugimoto Terufumi (only person in the category, before the 12/4 update), even when he is a sprinter based purely on climbing vs. sprinting speed. Other 'hope' members inclde Sugimoto Sadatoki, Kaburagi Issa,  Danchiku Ryuuhou, Koga Kimitaka and Kishigami Komari


The game is based on chain combo with gems. You should chain climber and all-rounder combo to gain speed, but you may end up having to clear undesirable gems (climbers in a sprint area) just to get more gems in. Other gems include energy bottle and skill gems.


The game is split into the same official events across the country, with the final stage being in Kanagawa after finishing the tour in Hokkaido, but it is further split into 2-day stages with Climber and Sprint ACE stages, where only the correct gems of the ACE and assistant count for attacks because there are no other tactical considerations involved, where the max combo goes up to 10. The stage will not end until you beat every rival to get first place. Within each stage, you can also get into a long-distance race, that cost time to complete, in the simulated race, it is merely used for gaining exp for a team of 6, and the race and matchups are completely randomized, you will gain exp. items if you get top 2 or A and SS grade.

Weather effects are also added in the game. The effect lasts for the entirety of the race from day 2.

Weather effects (affects every rider)

Extremely Hot Day: Stamina drains faster.

Rain: Skills for attacking is less effective, meaning you can't pull away from rivals as easily.

Strong Winds: Overall Speed down due to cross winds.

Club Room

The locker items are used to power up riders rather than by exp. points by training on rollers (90 exp.) or sleeping (increasing maximum levels), or eat at the table to level up skills (maximum level of 20).

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