Yoshimoto Shin is a third-year student at Kumamoto Daiichi High School and a member of the Kumamoto Daiichi High Bicycle Club who couldn't race in the 41st Summer Inter High due to an injury at Kumamoto's prefectural tournament. He's said to have first-class legs trained on Mt. Aso. In The Movie, Yoshimoto resumes his position as the ace for the Kumamoto Fire Country Mountain Range Race.


Yoshimoto is of lean and muscular build and has short, bright red hair. His bangs are sharply parted to his ride side and stick out. His eyes are also red and his eyebrows are thick, dark, and jagged, which gives him a fierce look.


He's been described as having a cheerful, yet aggressive, personality. He is very popular with the female fans.


Spare Bike 23

Prior to the Inter High, Yoshimoto is introduced through Ise's discussions with Taura Yoshiaki about their loss of a teammate due to injury at the prefectural tournament a few days previous. Since then, Taura has visited Yoshimoto in the hospital every day after practice. The two have been friends since their first year of high school and built the current team together. Ise knows of this apparently from spying on Taura. During a flashback, Yoshimoto is seen with a propped-up bandaged left leg, and training his grip while resting in bed and reading a cycling magazine. He asks Taura how the team is doing, to which Taura replies the team is "getting cocky".

When Kuamamoto Daiichi arrives at Asofumoto Shrine on the way back from practice to pray for victory at the Inter High, Taura remains lingering after his teammates have finished and bought protective amulets; Ise believes Taura is praying for Yoshimoto. Afterward, they all leave the shrine confident in the strength of their team.

Yowamushi Pedal: The Movie

Yoshimoto recovers from his injury and returns to his spot as the ace for Kumamoto Daiichi, in time for their hometown event held every year: the Kumamoto Fire Country Mountain Range Race. However, he's shut down by Hakone Academy and Sohoku early in the mountain checkpoint.


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