It has come to my attention that there's a little problem with the time in this wiki. I was reading the page on Kishigami Komari and it says at the top Kishigami Komari is a new first year student at Kyoto Fushimi High School, but that poses a problem, he's a new first year student, but... what year? My solution is to give some kind of label to each year like this:

  • Year 0: Everything that happened before Onoda joined Souhoku. Kanzaki is Souhoku's captain.
  • Year 1: Onoda Joins Sohouku, goes to the Inter-High
  • Year 2: Onoda's a second year student, Kinjou and the third years are gone.
  • Year 3: ????

So everything goes around Onoda? yeah, it's like the stardate system, the reference point being the moment Onoda entered high school. He's kind of the Jesus Christ of Yowamushi Pedal anyway.

Edit: This can fix the problem I posted about in my first blog post about the team pages, labeling them like "Year 0 team", "Year 1 team", etc. It will help to the progression of the story over time.


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