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Sohoku team kit

The Sohoku High Bicycle Club is situated in Chiba, Chiba Prefecture, Japan and represents Sohoku High School. Sohoku is a hard-working team. Even if the members face internal conflicts, they are all determined to win, which is why they can work so well together. Its team members all want to improve in their own ways.

Their training is often brutal, and may seem like survival of the fittest, but it dramatically boosts their skills. Some events appear to be team traditions, such as the First-Year Welcome Race, which determines which first-year student will be in charge of the rest, and the 1000km Training Camp used to determine the Inter High members.

They apply different strategies between Hill Climb races and Criterium (closed circuit sprint race) especially late season.

In Hill Climb, two Aces will be deployed to push before the final Ace is 'launched' (if applicable) to attack the finish line, while in Criterium, given the shorter length of the race, the strength and competitiveness of the sprinters, they are free to attack each other and race individually in the final three to five laps of the race.

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The team club room is located in a plain building behind the main class buildings. On the left side of the building is an outdoor tap, and the front has the only entranceway, with a siding door set on the outer face. Inside, there are lockers for each member, some chairs, benches, bicycle parts, equipment, and tools. The room is fairly small so the team usually just changes into their biking gear inside and then goes outside for their warm-up routine. Each member of the team is responsible of bringing his own bike, but the Kanzaki Repair Shop, owned by the family of the former captain, lends the team some equipment for its internal events.

Internal EventsEdit


The club's room has a hole in the interior side of the buildings' right wall. It was made by Makishima as a first-year in order to remove a secret training record he wrote on the wall with a marker, behind a poster. After hearing a rumor that a scary senior had found it, he cut out that section of the wall with a hand saw, and pretended the entire incident never happened.

By the time Onoda joined the club during Makishima's senior year, the hole was covered up by another poster. Naruko discovered it and showed Onoda; Makishima came across them and told them he did it, but asked them to not tell anyone. After practice that day, Makishima decided to tell Onoda the entire truth about the hole.


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