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Summary: Someone ate Izumida's favorite food when he left it unguarded. Who could be the culprit? The great detective is on the case!

Detective, Shinkai Hayato. Assistant, Arakita Yasutomo. Part 3Edit

SHINKAI HAYATO: “Detective, Shinkai Hayato. Assistant, Arakita Yasutomo. Part 3.”

SHINKAI HAYATO: Did you hear, Yasutomo? Izumida left his takoyaki in the clubroom yesterday and someone ate it.
SHINKAI HAYATO: Takoyaki is actually his favorite food, but normally he stops himself from eating it so that he can build his muscles.
SHINKAI HAYATO: He was really looking forward to eating that takoyaki since he hadn’t in so long… It’s such a sad story… Don’t you think so too, Yasutomo? …Yasutomo?
ARAKITA YASUTOMO: …AAAARGH, IT WAS ME, ALL RIGHT?! [stands up] ME! I’M THE CRIMINAL! Can you blame me?! I was super hungry and there was no one else in the clubroom and a tray of hot, steaming takoyaki right in front of my eyes! Anyone would eat it if they were in the same situation!
SHINKAI HAYATO: I see! Then let’s go right now and take Izumida out to eat takoyaki! Your treat. Okay?
ARAKITA YASUTOMO: Tch, fine. I just have to treat him, right?! Fine!!
SHINKAI HAYATO: Haha! I know a good place! They even have takoyaki that’s chocolate-banana flavored–
ARAKITA YASUTOMO: Definitely not eating that one. [starts leaving the clubroom]
SHINKAI HAYATO: [follows] Oh, I know! Why don’t we bring along Juichi, Jinpachi, and Manami too?
ARAKITA YASUTOMO: [Opening the door] Why do I have to pay for Toudou and the oddball’s share too?! And yours?!

[ARAKITA slams the door shut]

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