Summary: Fukutomi left behind a mysterious note. Shinkai and Arakita try to decipher its meaning.

Detective, Shinkai Hayato. Assistant, Arakita Yasutomo. Part 2

ARAKITA: “Detective, Shinkai Hayato. Assistant, Arakita Yasutomo. Part 2.”

SHINKAI: What’s wrong, Yasutomo? You have an intently concerned look on your face, which is rather rare of you.
ARAKITA: Don’t casually insult me! Jeez… I picked up this piece of paper from over there just now, and I think it belongs to Fuku-chan, but I have no idea what it’s about.
SHINKAI: Hm? Let me see… Yeah, this is Juichi’s handwriting. All it has is a list of words… It’s like a code.
ARAKITA: He wrote stuff like “Last minute sale” and “dried sardines” and “kelp soup stock,” so could it be a shopping list?
SHINKAI: No, there’s “postage stamp” written on it too, and none of it is related to biking.
ARAKITA: “Roulette,” “friend”… What’s “Unrequited Lover’s Cape,” some enka song? Don’t tell me that this is a poem he uncharacteristically thought up– No, that can’t be it.
SHINKAI: “Heiten sale (Last minute sale)” … “Roulette”… “Tomodachi” (friend)… “Chirimen-jako” (dried sardines)… “Konbu-dashi” (kelp soup stock)… “Shitsuren-misaki” (Unrequited Lover’s Cape)… “Kitte” (postage stamp)… “Tekkamen” (Stiff-face)…
SHINKAI: I’ve got it, Yasutomo! This is shiritori!
ARAKITA: Wait. Fuku-chan did this all by himself?

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