Summary: Shinkai and Arakita deduce the origin of the mysterious clubroom ghost.

Detective, Shinkai Hayato. Assistant, Arakita Yasutomo. Part 1

SHINKAI: “Detective, Shinkai Hayato. Assistant, Arakita Yasutomo. Part 1.”

[ARAKITA walks into the clubroom]

ARAKITA: Honestly, those guys…
SHINKAI: Oh? What’s wrong, Yasutomo?
ARAKITA: Some members are ditching practice because they’re scared of a ghost that appears in the middle of broad daylight.
SHINKAI: A ghost?
ARAKITA: [in a scary voice] “So weird, so weird~ I saw a shadow through the glass windows, so I thought there was someone there and stepped inside the clubroom, but it was empty~ Pitter patter, pitter patter, all I hear are footsteps and the sense that someone is around.”
SHINKAI: Ohh, a ghost who hangs around the clubroom in the daytime, huh? And it escapes pretty quickly. Did that ghost also have an antenna on its head?
ARAKITA: Now that you mention it, they did say there was something moving back and forth on its head… Hanging around in the daytime… Escapes quickly… Antenna… Ahoge…… Ah! It’s that oddball?!
SHINKAI: Correct. Kapow.

[Gunshot fires]

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