Summary: During a training camp at the school, the Sohoku first-years and second-years must prepare a dinner for the team. But the third-years all asked for different things!

Ristorante Sohoku

ONODA: Original concept by Watanabe Wataru.
TESHIMA: TV Anime “Yowamushi Pedal GRANDE ROAD” mini drama CD.
AOYAGI: Side Road 1.
ONODA: “Ristorante Sohoku.”


NARUKO: Kaaah! It’s only fer two days and one night and training camp is still hard!
ONODA: Well, you kept competing with Tadokoro-san the entire time, Naruko-kun.
IMAIZUMI: Even though it’s training camp, we’re just staying overnight in the school building, so all of the roads we’re riding are familiar.
TESHIMA: The scenery on the roads have no way of changing. But I bet this place feels new since we’re hardly in here unless it’s for home-ec class. Right, Aoyagi?
AOYAGI: Yeah. It’s been a long time since I was last here.
IMAIZUMI: Well, you have a point.
ONODA: Yeah, we’re never normally in the food prep rooms.
TESHIMA: Now then, just to confirm everything… As I’d told you beforehand, we second-years and you first-years will work together to make dinner for everyone, including the third-years.
IMAIZUMI: That’s what you told us, but… When you think about it, having to cook after all the practice we just did is pretty rough.
NARUKO: Wouldn’t it be faster if we just buy meal sets at a store nearby, like we did for lunch?
AOYAGI: Pre-made meals lack adequate nutritional value. Kanzaki Cycle sent us ingredients as a gift, so we’ll use them.
ONODA: Sent us… Do you mean this entire cardboard box?
TESHIMA: Yeah, that’s right. Open it up.

[ONODA opens the box]

ONODA: Wow, that’s a lot of eggs!
IMAIZUMI: There’s also a broad range of meat and vegetables.
NARUKO: Haha, we could open up a restaurant with this!
AOYAGI: Also these.
NARUKO: Eh? What are these?
AOYAGI: Aprons.
TESHIMA: We have enough for everyone. Go ahead and put them on.
ONODA: Ah, thank you!
IMAIZUMI: Thank you.
NARUKO: Whoaa! Now we’re lookin’ the part! Hehe, the genius chef Naruko Shokichi is ready to roll!
TESHIMA: Also, about the menu… What did the third-years say?
AOYAGI: Did you ask about their requests for us?
ONODA: Yes, sir.
IMAIZUMI: During a break in practice.
NARUKO: We’ve got that down perfect!
ONODA/IMAIZUMI/NARUKO: Omurice!/ Yakisoba!/ Okonomiyaki!
TESHIMA: W–Wait. Let’s start over again, starting with Onoda.
ONODA: U–Um, omurice.
IMAIZUMI: Uh, yakisoba with meat drippings topped all over with green laver.
NARUKO: It’s okonomiyaki!
AOYAGI: All three of you said something different…
TESHIMA: What’s going on? Didn’t you guys ask Kinjou-san, Tadokoro-san, and Makishima-san what they wanted for dinner?
ONODA: Y–Yes, we did!
NARUKO: The three of us separated…
IMAIZUMI: And asked each of them.
TESHIMA/AOYAGI: Each of them?
TESHIMA: Uh, then, Onoda, what did you do?
ONODA: I went to go ask Makishima-san. He told me [imitating MAKISHIMA YUUSUKE] “I feel like having omurice today sho!”
AOYAGI: Imaizumi?
IMAIZUMI: I got from Kinjou-san the order of [imitating KINJOU SHINGO] “Yakisoba with meat drippings and go heavy on the green laver!” so I said “Okay.”
NARUKO: I asked old man Tadokoro, “Old man, do you want okonomiyaki?” and he got mad at me and said [imitating TADOKORO JIN] “Don’t decide for me!” but in the end he said [imitating TADOKORO JIN again] “Okonomiyaki is fine.”
TESHIMA: Guys…. We don’t have the luxury of making individual dishes.
IMAIZUMI: Ah, but with this much food, we’ll have enough ingredients.
TESHIMA: Ingredients, sure! It’s time that’s the problem!
AOYAGI: We only have thirty minutes until dinnertime. If we delay any longer than that, Tadokoro-san gets in a foul mood.
TESHIMA: But choosing one dish out of three that the third-years requested is…
ONODA: U–Unthinkable!
NARUKO: Who knows what they’ll do to us after!
AOYAGI: We’ll have… to make… all of them.
NARUKO: Wha– Are you serious, Silent-senpai?!
IMAIZUMI: Omurice, yakisoba, and okonomiyaki all at once? That’s impossible!
TESHIMA: No… Aoyagi is right. Now that it’s come to this, we just have to do it.
ONODA: Ehhh?!
NARUKO: Ya say that, but what if we don’t make it in time, Perm-senpai?!
ONODA: I–I’m sorry! It’s our fault–
AOYAGI: Wait. Junta is thinking right now. I’m bad at pacing myself, so I could never show any good results. But thanks to Junta’s strategies, he put me on the winner’s podium many times last year.
NARUKO: What are ya suddenly saying? That doesn’t matter right now!
IMAIZUMI: No, if cooking requires pacing yourself, very much like racing…
TESHIMA: ……All right! I’ll make the orders. Do exactly as I say and focus as if this was a timed trial race!!
ONODA: Then… you don’t mean…
TESHIMA: Omurice, yakisoba, okonomiyaki. We’ll make all three in thirty minutes!!
NARUKO: Seriously?!
TESHIMA: Yeah. Now that it’s come to this, let’s show them our teamwork. We’ll prove that amateurs can be better than professionals!

TESHIMA: Listen up! Onoda, you handle the eggs! Imaizumi, the yakisoba noodles! Naruko, you get the grill ready! Aoyagi and I will cut the cabbage! Now go!
ONODA: I’ll whisk the eggs!
TESHIMA: That’s a good pace, but you won’t make it in time at that rate. Pick up your whisking cadence more, Onoda!
ONODA: Y–Yes, sir! [starts screaming while whisking faster]
NARUKO: Whoa, he’s fast!
IMAIZUMI: Onoda! Not only can he turn his legs fast, but his arms as well!
TESHIMA: Heh. Nothing less from Onoda. All right, Aoyagi. Let’s go, too.

[TESHIMA and AOYAGI start chopping and screaming]

NARUKO: Whoa, what’s that?
ONODA: They’re cutting the cabbage into strips in the blink of an eye!
IMAIZUMI: That’s not all. The speed at which those two are chopping is perfectly synchronized! Are they putting their synchronized riding to the same use here as well?
TESHIMA: Phew… We’ll keep this up and move on to the carrots and onions.
AOYAGI: Junta, the meat. [tosses]
TESHIMA: [catches] Whoa. Oh yeah, that’s right. Thanks.
ONODA: Wow… they’re so perfectly in sync.
IMAIZUMI: Heh… We can’t lose to them.
NARUKO: All right! While the grill is warming up, I’ll get the okonomiyaki batter ready!
IMAIZUMI: I’ll heat up the oil and start stir-frying the vegetables since they take longer to soften. Onoda, do you think you can manage the eggs on your own?
ONODA: Yeah, I’ll be fine. I’ll catch up soon, so wait for me!
ONODA: [whisking] Ahhhhhhhh!!!
NARUKO: [stirring] Raaaaahhh!!!
IMAIZUMI: [stir-frying] Wohhhhhhh!!!
TESHIMA: All right, guys, stop for a moment. Drink this. It’s tea time. [sets tea down]
ONODA: Ah! Thank you!
NARUKO: We don’t got the time to relax drinking this!
TESHIMA: Haha, you won’t last to the end if you keep that up. Just like in a race, recovering with refreshments and resting your legs is important.
IMAIZUMI: Is that also a part of pacing ourselves? Is it part of your strategy?
TESHIMA: Who knows. Maybe I’m just thirsty.

[ONODA/IMAIZUMI/NARUKO drink and sigh]

TESHIMA: Now then, here is where the race reaches its climax. Imaizumi, add the yakisoba noodles to the stir-fried vegetables.
IMAIZUMI: Yes, sir!
TESHIMA: Naruko, fry the okonomiyaki batter.
NARUKO: Ka ka ka! I was waitin’ fer this!
TESHIMA: Onoda, make omelettes with the eggs.
ONODA: For the omurice, right? I understand!
TESHIMA: Time to race through the last length! It’s the last spurt!
AOYAGI: Hurry! There’s only five minutes left!
TESHIMA: The goal is right in front of us! We’ll get there without stopping!

[Cooking intensifies]

AOYAGI: Imaizumi, is the yakisoba ready?
IMAIZUMI: I’m adding the sauce right now!
TESHIMA: How’s the okonomiyaki?
NARUKO: I’ve only got one side of ’em cooked!
AOYAGI: The omelettes!
ONODA: Please wait just a bit longer!
IMAIZUMI: [thinking] Damn it, it’s no good! At this rate, we won’t make it in time!
ONODA: [thinking] I knew it was impossible to make three dishes in thirty minutes…
NARUKO: [thinking] Did Perm-senpai get the pacing wrong?
TESHIMA: Hmm. It’s almost time.

[AOYAGI nods]

AOYAGI: Move over, Onoda, Imaizumi, Naruko.
ONODA: Ah, Aoyagi-san!
NARUKO: What are you planning to do with those iron spatulas in both hands?
AOYAGI: Passed down from Tadokoro-san himself… Oxygen Speed-of-Sound Grilling!
IMAIZUMI: Ah, he put the yakisoba on top of the okonomiyaki!
NARUKO: Now it’s like Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki!
AOYAGI: And… this!
ONODA: He then put the omelette on top of that!
AOYAGI: Tadokoro-san, Kinjou-san, Makishima-san, Junta, me, Imaizumi, Naruko, Onoda…
ONODA: [thinking] I–Incredible, Aoyagi-san! He’s using the spatulas to put yakisoba and omelettes on top of everyone’s okonomiyaki at a speed that can’t be seen by the eye!
NARUKO: [thinking] Interesting… Now that’s interesting, Silent-senpai!
IMAIZUMI: [thinking] Hah… Who would have thought that he’d be hiding this from us until the last moment?
TESHIMA: Heh. Good job, Aoyagi.

[AOYAGI nods, continuing to cook]

IMAIZUMI: I see. Teshima-san included that skill of Aoyagi-san’s in his strategy too.
NARUKO: That’s why he was so laid-back along the way.
ONODA: With this, we might make it in time.

[Victory trumpets sound]

TESHIMA: All right! It’s complete!
ONODA: I hope this makes the third-years happy!
IMAIZUMI: With yakisoba mixed with meat drippings and topped with green laver inside…
ONODA: A soft, half-cooked omurice… I mean, omusoba…
NARUKO: Is piled on top of okonomiyaki!
TESHIMA: Its name…
AOYAGI: Omusobakonomiyaki.
TESHIMA: Complete!

TESHIMA: Aoyagi, give it a taste.

[AOYAGI nods and tastes it]

AOYAGI: …Junta.
TESHIMA: I see. So it’s really good. We did it, guys!
ONODA/IMAIZUMI/NARUKO: All right!/ Thank goodness!
IMAIZUMI: …But was that an expression of “This is really good food”?
ONODA: Aoyagi-san didn’t look any different from normal…
NARUKO: Perm-senpai is the amazing one for knowing how to interpret that.
AOYAGI: Junta… about earlier…
TESHIMA: Eh? It’s not really good, you’ll only give it about three stars? Oh, I see. Sorry!
[AOYAGI nods]

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