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The following is not yet in the anime. If you're not reading the manga, be careful.

Minami was a student of Hakone Academy and the manager of the Hakone Academy Bicycle Club during Toudou Jinpachi's eighth grade year in middle school.

Itokawa Shuusaku and Toudou were greeted by Minami at the Hakone Road Hill Climb race being held at the Hakone turnpike in October. She explained how Hakone Academy was said to be the strongest in the nation, and that in a few years the Inter High may take place in Hakone. She also mentioned the red bib tag and the mountain prize, and encouraged the two boys to join Hakone Academy. Toudou, who had been dragged along by his friend and never thought much about racing, became interested in the prizes and fame Minami and Shuusaku explained, so he competed seriously and won first place in the race.

After the race, Toudou was distraught about how sweaty and unkempt he looked for the upcoming award ceremony, so he took Minami's headband, ripped the bow off, and wore the headband for the ceremony.

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Minami appeared as a young girl with pigtails. Though sometimes difficult to see, she also wore a headband with a bow on it. The headband was likely either white or light blue, as it was one that Toudou later took from her to wear after removing the bow.


She was described as being good-natured and good-humored.


Itokawa Shuusaku

Shuusaku knew Minami from how often she visited his family's bike shop to buy parts. He had an obvious crush on her and was excited when she said she'd give him a kiss if he won the race, and became extremely distraught when he thought Toudou was racing to win her kiss too.

Toudou Jinpachi

Minami, along with Shuusaku, was the one who encouraged Toudou to race for the sake of winning the Mountain Prize and red number tags, and to join Hakone Academy, sparking his career as a climber. She was also the one who caused his signature headband style.


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