Onoda Sakamichi

Manami helped Onoda during their first meeting when he gave Onoda his water bottle with Pocari Sweat in it to quench his thirst. Manami asked Onoda if he liked slopes, and was happy when he gave an affirmative answer. When Manami was sent to scout Sohoku's climber, they encountered each other a second time and had a brief race, which left Manami was impressed by how Onoda managed to follow him even with heavy wheels and ordinary shoes. He refers to Onoda by his first name, feeling a connection to him even though they had just met. They later made a promise to meet at the Inter High; there, Onoda would return the water bottle Manami let him borrow. They were excited to see and compete with each other at the Inter High, sharing a friendly rivalry built on mutual respect and a love for climbing.

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Untranslated Inter High Events

On the last day and stage of the Inter High, the pair were pitted against each other in a decisive sprint to the finish line, eventually resulting in Onoda clinching first place. This defeat left Manami crushed as he blamed himself for his team's dethronement, reasoning that it was his fault as he was the one who encouraged Onoda to go to the Inter High in the first place, subsequently leading to their loss. Momentarily overcome by defeat, he couldn't bring himself to keep the water bottle Onoda returned to him, and threw it away. However, Toudou later convinced him that he did nothing wrong by saving Onoda that day, and encouraged him to foster a closer relationship with him; as his rival, he would be the one to push him to grow and improve as they competed against each other for the next few years of high school. Manami came to his senses and picked up their relationship where it left off, leaving another water bottle in Akihabara for Onoda to find, and promised to receive it with a smile when he returned it at the next Inter High.


Manami calls his childhood friend Miyahara "Iinchou" (Class Rep.). She lives next door to him and is the one who introduced Manami to cycling when they were younger because she thought he should do more than stay in bed and play video games. Manami was previously bedridden due to sickness, but he fell in love with how cycling made him feel like he was truly alive after Miyahara brought him riding with her. Later, Manami asked for her assistance with studying for the entrance exam to Hakone Academy, where she was intending to go, because he heard of the strong cycling team. As they grew older, Manami's passion for cycling deepened, and he usually tries to avoid Miyahara's attempts to make him take responsibility for his schoolwork, opting to cycle instead. Despite her constant nagging, she cares for him, and cheers him on at his debut Inter High. She is implied to have romantic feelings for him, as she is flustered when Onoda's mother comments on her crush while spectating the race; however, there is no signal that he reciprocates or is even aware of her feelings.

Toudou Jinpachi

True to his vain demeanor, Toudou often accuses Manami of having a style that overlaps with his, as well as of competing with him for fangirls. However, as a fellow climber and his senior, he cares for Manami and takes it upon himself to mentor him, advising him to "ride freely" if given a chance on the last day of the Inter High. Manami respects Toudou deeply for his strategic foresight in cycling, claiming to be no match for him, that he could even fall for Toudou[1], and accepting the advice he dispenses.
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Second Year Events with some Pedal Sign Trivia

When the pain of his loss lingers long after the Inter High, Toudou consoles Manami and spurs him to forge a closer relationship with Onoda, like his own rivalry with Makishima; he even organizes a race between the two young climbers to decide who inherits his titles of "Mountain God" and "King of the Mountains", though neither win because of the snow.

In his second year, he gains a fan club of his own, and smiles at waves at them when they gather on the sidelines of the Inter High, as instructed to by Toudou himself. They apparently keep in touch after Toudou graduates, though only barely, as Manami does not reply often.

Midousuji Akira

On the last day of the Inter High, Manami challenges Midousuji to a race that "uses all five of the senses" to determine who was faster. Midousuji notes that although both Onoda and Manami smile when they ride, the latter's smile is different. As they race, Manami asks Midousuji if he feels alive in class, proceeding to explain how he loves cycling because he feels alive when he's closest to death, referring to how he exerts all the strength in his body to overtake his opponents when racing in a close battle. Manami is currently the first and only person Midousuji has stated "isn't gross" in acknowledgement of his strength. They are also both depicted as having metaphorical wings during their race, with Manami's white and Midousuji's dark.


  1. Yowamushi Pedal Chapter 221

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