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The following page is based on information from untranslated parts of the manga.

Midousuji Akira

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Untranslated Manga Events

Komari works extensively with Midousuji during the 42nd Inter High. They've apparently known each other since middle school, where Midousuji inspired Komari to build confidence and embrace his stranger side.

Onoda Sakamichi

Koga Kimitaka

Koga intervened with Kyoto Fushimi's infiltration at the Sohoku training camp and ordered for Kishigami and his company upstairs to leave. Kishigami tapped Koga on the shoulder and was unimpressed by his musculature. Kishigami bid Koga a polite farewell and said that he anticipated seeing him at the Inter High that summer. He quickly redacted this and knowingly taunted Koga for not being part of the Inter High team. Kishigami surprised Koga by being Kyoto Fushimi's sixth member during the Inter High, as Koga thought he was just a support member of Kyoto Fushimi. While Kishigami doesn't have much respect or interest in Koga, Koga is wary of Kishigami and his unpredictability.

Imaizumi Shunsuke

Izumida Touichirou

Izumida and Kishigami race each other on the 2nd day of the 42nd Inter High, in a sort of spiritual rematch of the race between Shinkai and Midousuji the previous year. Seeing Izumida open his shirt and show off his muscles, Kishigami loses control over his urges once again and grabs one of Izumida's pectorals.

Izumida is initially shocked and perturbed by Kishigami's behavior and actions, but as the two of them race, Izumida becomes intrigued in Kishigami's fixation with muscles. Kishigami loudly comments on the 'sublime beauty' of Izumida's muscles, becoming distressed when Izumida pulls away too far for Kishigami to keep him in sight, and even refers to Izumida's pectorals by name.

Despite the odd circumstances and their opposing teams, Izumida and Kishigami seem to have something of a sense of respect for each other after their race, built on their mutual interests. Izumida compliments Kishigami on his riding and, perhaps surprisingly, offers to let him feel his muscles once again. Kishigami declines, saying that it's only something he is allowed after winning a race.

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