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Kishigami Komari is a new first-year student at Kyoto Fushimi High School and a member of the Kyoto Fushimi High Bicycle Club. He participates in the second Inter High arc of the story.


Kishigami has jaw-length blue hair with pink streaks in it. He has a low hairline, and he uses a thick, pink headband to push his hair back. Kishigami has narrow eyes that become wide and manic when he's excited.

He rests his bluish black sunglasses above his


At first glance, Kishigami has a calm and poised demeanor paired with a markedly polite manner of speaking, in sharp contrast to his senpai. His default expression is a placid smile, and he is typically quiet and unassuming.

While he typically at least keeps up an air of respect when talking to others, Kishigami's courteous words and mannerisms are often a front for passive-aggressiveness and backhanded compliments. As shown in his first appearance and his first encounter with Onoda, Komari has no hesitations about mentally disparaging the people around him, even members of his own team, if they don't interest him. Indeed, there seems to be only one thing capable of catching Komari's interest: muscle.

Komari's obsession with muscles started as a young age. Komari was vaguely aware that his compulsion to touch the muscles of others was strange. Fearing rejection and the idea of something being wrong with him, Komari attempted to bury these feelings deep down within his heart- until a fateful encounter with an upperclassman in middle school.

When he comes across what he considers "good muscle," Kishigami loses his cool and becomes maniacally excited. He's unable to control himself in the face of "good muscle," and he lets his desires get the best of him, invading other people's personal space in order to touch it. Midousuji Akira refers to him as a "man who can't resist" for this reason.

Besides his obsession with muscles, Komari has some other odd quirks. He refers to other characters such as Koga as senpai despite attending different schools. He is adamant about always washing his hands before touching his bike, claiming that doing so makes his hands more sensitive, heightening his sense of touch. He refers to his bike itself with kimi, a Japanese pronoun that typically carries connotations of affection, not typically used for inanimate objects.

Skills and Techniques

Kishigami is skilled with his hands. Since he is Kyoto Fushimi's masseuse, Kishigami can judge the quality of muscle just by touching it.

As a rider, according to Ichiko Cycling Team, he is a very casual rider with beautiful rhythmic form where he stands up comfortably and effortlessly to gain speed, even during the warmup stage of the Inter-High.


  • He always washes his hands before riding.
  • According to Watanabe, his favorite food is chicken tenders.
  • "Komari" is a gender-neutral name, typically used more for girls.
  • Watanabe has referred to Kishigami as "Komari-chan" during trivia nights.
  • On his first appearance of Yowamushi Pedal: Connect Road, he has the highest 5* base sprint speed out of all All-Rounders at 497.

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