Kawada Takuya is first-year student at Sohoku High School who joined the Sohoku High Bicycle Club as a beginner three weeks before Onoda did, and around the same time as Sakurai Tsuyoshi. Having a competitive personality, he was aiming to become a club regular and trained hard, although he never did get the hang of riding on rollers. He functions as a minor background character.

During the First-Year Welcome Race, he takes off too soon to launch himself ahead even though everyone is still riding in traffic, because he's fearful of the recovery van that picks up cyclists who retire. He officially resigned from the bicycle club two days after the first-year race because of his poor results and joins the tennis club instead, which Imaizumi confirms with him. According to Miki, he was a top eight tennis player in his middle school.

Main article: First-Year Welcome Race


Kawada has short, dark brown hair and solid black eyes.

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