Midousuji Akira

Upon their first meeting at the Kyoto Fushimi Cycling Club, Midousuji challenged Ishigaki to a race to claim Ishigaki's position as the ace, which Ishigaki accepted. Midousuji won, causing turmoil within Kyoto Fushimi, as Midousuji dictated how the club would function and ordered for the team to treat each other impersonally. Ishigaki initially resented Midousuji for this, and he would compare the club at present to its former self when he was its ace. Ishigaki had a hard time understanding Midousuji for a while, but he still acknowledged that Midousuji had something in him that made him strong. After the end of the second day of the 41st Summer Inter High, Ishigaki felt as though he understood Midousuji and his motivations better and felt as though their goals were the same, even though he couldn't recognize it in Midousuji at first. Ishigaki sees in Midousuji the makings of a strong, unbeatable athlete, but he thinks that Midousuji lacks the conscience needed to make the best decisions. Until Ishigaki's graduation, he silently watched over Midousuji's growth as a person and athlete.

Mizuta Nobuyuki

Ishigaki used to have a more friendly relationship with Mizuta, whom he called "Nobu." Mizuta looked up to Ishigaki quite a bit, and even got a haircut inspired by Ishigaki's hairstyle. However, Mizuta wholeheartedly accepted Midousuji's leadership and now seems to admire Midousuji more than he admires Ishigaki. He and Ishigaki still get along, though, and Ishigaki later returns to calling him Nobu despite Midousuji's rule about names.

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