Ibitani Ryou is a third-year student at Hiroshima Kureminami Technical School and a sprinter of the Hiroshima Kureminami Tech Bicycle Club. He is a minor character that appears during the third day of the 41st Summer Inter High. He initiates the challenge race between Machimiya Eikichi and Arakita Yasutomo, setting the rule that whichever pack of cyclists falls behind three flags marking measurements along the route must cease pursuit. Despite how violently their ace sprinter fights, Hiroshima loses, and Arakita pulls ahead three flags. Ibitani wants to forgo the rules and pursue them, but Machimiya concedes defeat, leading Ibitani to cry tears for him since he knows Machimiya broke up with his girlfriend Kana to focus on winning the Inter High.


Ibitani has about chin length black hair and long narrow eyes. He's usually seen with a smirk on his face.


When first met, Ibitani comes across as calm and condescending, and could be taken as rude. Despite his tendency to smirk unnervingly at others, he is actually someone who admires and loyally follows Machimiya, and can become concerned about him to a melodramatic degree.


Machimiya Eikichi

Ibitani calls Machimiya "Miya". He admires him greatly[1], praising him for his skill and hate-filled technique, and seems to care about him a lot, understanding what Machimiya went through to focus on the Inter High. They've known each other since before Machimiya became obsessed with crushing Hakone Academy. Ibitani easily gets emotional over Machimiya's everyday actions. In one scene, he dramatically and silently weeps over watching Miya break up with Kana.[2]


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