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Warning!! Proceed with caution!!

The following is not yet in the anime. If you're not reading the manga, be careful.

Doubashi Masakiyo is a second-year student at Hakone Academy and a member of the Hakone Academy Bicycle Club. He is the fifth member of Hakone Academy's team participating in the second Inter High competition of the story.


Doubashi is quite large and imposing, easily being the largest member of Hakone Academy's team in terms of bulk. He has been shown with both short and long hair.


Doubashi is loud and confident, though he goes somewhere quiet to concentrate before races. He does not appreciate being bothered during these times; when Kaburagi interrupts him, the resulting confrontation almost escalated into violence. He has a history of violence as well: he punched some of his senpai in the club before when he felt that they were in the wrong. However, he refused to quit the cycling club because he wants to continue competing.

Skills and TechniquesEdit

Doubashi is extremely intimidating, almost like a wild animal. His presence alone is enough to make his opponents nervous. While he doesn't appear to have any special style, he is a skilled sprinter. His fellow onlookers and fans have noted that, despite appearing brash and raucous, Doubashi's riding is very earnest and he always plays fair. When he's serious he'll pull his jersey so far open that the zipper snaps. Before every race, he goes to the bathroom like Kaburagi Issa, but it was an isolated place to focus himself.


Pork Roast


Loud noises and be disrupted, especially before the race.


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