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Spoiler alert

Warning!! Spoilers ahead!!

The rest of this page contains information from untranslated parts of the manga.

The Inter High is a yearly race where the cycling clubs of many high schools from around Japan compete to prove themselves the best. You can read more general information about the Inter High event on the Inter High page.

The 42nd Summer Inter High is being celebrated in Utsunomiya, Tochihi Prefecture. Team Sohoku arrives at the event in Ride 295, though the race does not actually begin until Ride 300. In the anime, the new course is described as more difficult than the last, known as "Sprinter Killer" because it has many steep and long slopes through Toushougu Shrine, a World Heritage Site, with the highest point at 1840m above sea level, roughly twice as high as Hakone.

Known ParticipantsEdit

Sohoku High SchoolEdit

Onoda Sakamichi
Imaizumi Shunsuke
Naruko Shoukichi
Aoyagi Hajime
Teshima Junta
Kaburagi Issa

Hakone AcademyEdit

Ashikiba Takuto
Kuroda Yukinari
Manami Sangaku
Izumida Touichirou
Doubashi Masakiyo
Shinkai Yuto

Kyoto Fushimi High SchoolEdit

Midousuji Akira
Mizuta Nobuyuki
Yamaguchi Noriyuki
Kishigami Komari

First StageEdit

A variety of events occur before the race actually starts. The members of Sohoku assure Onoda he is qualified to wear the #1 zekken and Naruko goes to challenge Midousuji and announce his change from sprinter to all-rounder. Issa and Doubashi get into an altercation outside the bathroom while Komari replaces Hironishi as the sixth member of Kyoto Fushimi then interrupts Imaizumi and Sugimoto's heart-to-heart to grope Imaizumi's lef. Teshima, Ashikiba, and Higashimura, classmates from middle school, have a reunion during which Ashikiba declares his intent to race Teshima as an enemy… and that he does not remember Higashimura’s name. Hakone Gakuen’s final member is revealed to be the younger Shinkai, and Koga talks to Aoyagi about Onoda’s role in this competition. Directly before the race, Aoyagi helps calm Onoda’s nerves, and Sohoku shares a fist bump as a team.

Sprinters CheckpointEdit

Izumida sends Doubashi out to defeat opposing sprinters and take the first result for Hakone Academy. Teshima calls upon Aoyagi and new member Kaburagi to compete, but Kaburagi still considers himself an all-rounder. Aoyagi literally drags Kaburagi along despite the younger cyclist’s protesting.

When the pair faces other sprinters, Aoyagi reveals a technique inspired by Tadokoro’s style. He inhales a great deal of air and swells up into a round shape. Using this technique, he pulls Kaburagi ahead of the other sprinters. When they catch up to Doubashi, Aoyagi notices that Doubashi is as intimidating as his nickname of “monster” suggests. He expects Kaburagi to have a similar reaction, but the Sohoku first year appears unaffected.

Kaburagi is also unfazed when Doubashi pulls ahead, and he cheerfully remarks that Sohoku always “barely” wins, so they should catch up. He pulls Aoyagi along, changing to his lower handlebars in the process. Together, they catch up to Doubashi again, and then Aoyagi pulls ahead for a short time until Doubashi follows him. In response, Aoyagi employs a different, original cycling technique which he has dubbed “Bambi Style.” Using this technique in which he focuses energy in his legs, he manages to stay ahead of Doubashi for a while. Just as Doubashi passes him, Kaburagi appears. Aoyagi tells Kaburagi to win the sprint, but Kaburagi still insists that he is an all-rounder. Aoyagi manages to convince Kaburagi to compete with Doubashi for the checkpoint by using the stationary he used to give Kaburagi instructions in the past. Kaburagi mistakenly believed these messages came from the “God of Orange Beena,” and followed them religiously. This finally causes him to take the sprint seriously and he leaves Aoyagi behind to face Doubashi.

Kaburagi and Doubashi race desperately, and when they finally cross the finish line for the checkpoint, both of them believe they have won. However, the announcers reveal that it was Doubashi who won by a small but clear margin.

Climbers CheckpointEdit

Onoda gets swallowed by the pack again leaving Sohoku with no choice but to send Teshima to try for first day King the mountain against Manami.

Manami experiences some mechanical trouble with his chain coming off due to the stress of his high gear climb. Teshima waits for him with 300m to go. Despite going beyond his 'ordinary' abilities, Teshima loses to Manami. Teshima nearly collapse after the checkpoint but Onoda has broken free of the pack set to block him and Kyoto Fushimi, arriving just in time to give Teshima assist.

Both team now sends their Aces? But what's this Sohoku has 2 aces?

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